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In 1983, LATAMTEC was born, founded by Carlos Alberto de Freitas, focused on generating results for its clients. The company’s innovative profile has translated into the pioneering use of new technological management solutions such as Peoplesoft, among others.

Soon the company became one of the largest consulting firms in Latin America, being acquired by Deloitte Consulting in 1998.

In 2003, VECTOR CONSULTING was created with the focus of ADDING VALUE TO SHAREHOLDERS, with PERFORMANCE as the main vector of our company.

Developing and implementing innovative solutions supported by our methodologies, tools, and seniority in our team are our differentials that delight our customers. Reflecting our pioneering spirit, Vector Consulting was the first consultancy to believe in agribusiness, becoming the company with the most projects and clients in this segment in Latin America.

Our great knowledge has allowed us to develop specific solutions and tools that adhere to agribusiness, such as Integrated Planning, Supply Chain Management, Integrated Master Plan, among others.

Over 40 years, there have been more than 1,000 projects for over 600 clients.

Based on a business philosophy, which we constantly validate with our people, a belief and values emerge that form a team spirit reflected in the average time of 16 years of our team’s Vector Consulting, in the uniformity and quality of our deliveries.

Our Timeline

LATAMTEC starts its consultancy activities and defines Agribusiness, Manufacturing and Financial Industry as strategic sectors.

LATAMTEC opens an office in Argentina, being a pioneer in the field of Agribusiness, Manufacturing and Finance consulting in that country.

LATAMTEC opens offices in Florida – USA.

LATAMTEC expands, opens an office in Chile and carries out work with the largest industries in that country. It brings PeopleSoft ERP to South America, being the only training center in Brazil, Argentina and Chile until 1998.

LATAMTEC is recognized by the Braxton Institute in London as one of the three best management consultants in South America, and this year it was also acquired by Deloitte Consulting.

VECTOR CONSULTING starts its activities with consultants from Deloitte and Latamtec.

VECTOR CONSULTING signs a worldwide partnership agreement with ABeam in New York.

VECTOR CONSULTING obtains the patent for the intellectual property of the brands:

VECTOR CONSULTING realigns its Strategy, Business Model, Methodology and Tools for all industries: SCM, S&OP, Performance.

VECTOR CONSULTING and its directors have accumulated more than 1,000 projects in over 600 clients in Brazil and abroad. VECTOR CONSULTING carries out a modernization of its Visual Identity

Who We Are

We are experienced professionals committed to adding value to our customers.

Business Administrator, MBA. 46 years in consulting. President of Latamtec in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and USA – World Partner at Deloitte Consulting. Founder of Vector Consulting in 2003.

Carlos Freitas CEO

Economist, 32 years in consulting: Latamtec/ Deloitte Consulting. Founder of Vector Consulting in 2003.

Élcio Costa CSO – Partner

Business Adm. MBA Strategic and Economic Management of Business – FGV, 28 years in consulting, started at Latamtec. At Vector Consulting since 2005.

Fabio Iacono COO – Partner

Adm. Emp., Post Graduate in Management. MBA in Corporate Management Master in Adm. and Develop. Business. 34 years in consulting: Latamtec /Deloitte. At Vector Consulting since 2005.

Oswaldo Oliveira Partner Director

Business Administrator, MBA INSPER and Wharton, 15 years in consulting. Responsible for Performance Solutions at Vector Consulting since 2005.

Bruno Freitas Partner Director

Computer Science at USP, 17 years in consulting Ex- CIO Varig and Vasp. At Vector Consulting since 2004.

Mario Pinho Partner Director

Business Administrator, Specialization and Business Strategy by FGV, 14 years in consultancy. Responsible for Project Deliveries.

Leandro Palmeira Operational Director

International Partners

Vector Consulting has a partnership with ABeam Consulting, one of the 10 largest consulting companies in the world. ABeam representatives in South America.

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