Transformation Journey

Achieving the proper level of governance is a challenge that must be overcome gradually and in a sustained manner. VECTOR CONSULTING knows the way and prepares your company for this journey of transformation, developing and implementing solutions according to the real needs and maturity stage of management, with a differentiated strategy for each segment.


Agribusiness is a powerhouse in the Brazilian economy, representing 26% of the Brazilian GDP in 2020 and continues to grow, moving markets, generating direct and indirect jobs, placing Brazil at the top of the world business map.

Vector Consulting is proud to be a pioneer in consulting in the Agribusiness segment with more than 300 clients in more than 600 projects carried out, acting as direct partners for our clients to have better performance.

Agriculture 4.0 with our collaborative vision of digital transformation combined with our experience in the sector make us a differential in the development and implementation of innovative solutions, such as Integrated Planning tools, Supply Chain Management, Automation in Agroindustrial Management, which allow capture the added value generated.

Financial Industry and Services

The Covid-19 pandemic changed our routine with greater personal care and less face-to-face contact, the so-called Low Touch Economy. In addition, it had an impact on income reduction, high unemployment rate, retraction in GDP and an upward trend in inflation.

Digital Transformation has become a priority in the actions of these companies to resume growth, which was already noticed in early 2021.

Vector Consulting develops solutions using state-of-the-art technology to help our clients significantly reduce costs and expenses, and capture the added value generated.

Infrastructure and Manufacturing

Faced with uncertainties about the evolution of the pandemic and which economic measures will be adopted, Vector Consulting directs companies to the challenge of developing solutions to achieve the best performance supported by Industry 4.0!

The 4th Industrial Revolution implemented on a large scale the automation and data exchange, production stages and the market, modifying business models, with a strong impact on the way of relating to the market.

Digital Transformation plays a relevant role in our projects and permeates the entire organization, reflecting its structure and modus operandi.

Vector Consulting has extensive knowledge of the critical factors that impede success throughout the entire work stage. Our methodologies and expertise maximize the use of tools such as BPMS, RPA, BRMS, CRM, among others, with a focus on generating added value.

Human Capital

The speed at which Transformation 4.0 is happening brings new challenges to companies in the need to develop knowledge, skills and adaptation to new tools and business models.

Vector Consulting has always believed in people’s potential to make a difference. Our methodologies support organizations in capturing value.

In making people aware of the need for Transformation 4.0, in order to break down barriers of the unknown.

In the development of Soft Skills, to add and develop talents.

In Change Management, working on Attitude and Behavior focused on Management.

In Organizational Structuring, in the concept of a lean and efficient company.

Merger & Acquisition

Perspectives are positive, with M&A operations being able to grow significantly. Being prepared for this moment is critical to capturing the value of the operation.

Vector Consulting acts in a peculiar way in this area, firstly we carry out an operational and market due diligence, using our methodology, tools and expertise accumulated over its 38 years, which allow us to assess the viability of the business and which changes in the business model will maximize the value of your company, contributing to the speed of execution and the assertiveness of the schedule for closing the transaction and generating value for all stakeholders.

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