• Agribusiness

      Vector Consulting – advisory company formed by advisors proceeding and founders of Latamtec, one of the pioneer Brazilian advisory companies to provide solutions for Agrobusiness at the ...

  • Financial Services

      “The Brazilian insurance market goes through a strategic and promising period for its pretensions of future expansion. The insurance companies and other agents of this segment have never ...

  • Transformation & Manufacturing

      Vector Consulting has extensive knowledge of the critical factors that impede the success throughout the entire job step. We develop products and solutions carefully designed to accelerate ...

    • Operational Efficiency

      Operational Efficiency

      The organization moves toward operational efficiency when maximizing its return using a minimum of resources, performing similar activities of its competitors, with efficiency, productivity and lower cost. The organizational structure, and poorly designed internal processes, affect operational effic...

      March 10, 2017
    • Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A

      Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A

      Selection for Acquisition / Sale / Fusion. Support for strategic growth Develop clear goals to take advantage of business opportunities Planning to attract opportunities Construction of radar for acquisition, sale or merger....

      March 10, 2017
    • Strategic Sourcing

      Strategic Sourcing

      By acting in the leverage of strategic sourcing drivers we can substantially improve the Operational Margin.   Improvement Levers: Manage purchases corporately (national coverage) Consolidate operational purchasing functions Refine trading strategy with suppliers Rationalize / consolidate suppl...

      March 07, 2017
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