Shared Services Center

The Shared Services Center is an organization and operation method where support processes of a company (processes of great value, with low added value and based in transactions) are identified, separated and managed as independently business processes, supported in common practices and systems.

The implementation objectives of this method are:

  • Obtain scale economy in the operations executed in several locations
  • Develop standard processes and systems to guarantee the uniformity through the organization
  • Accelerate the rhythm of implementation of improvements in the processes
  • Obtain the best level of control upon critical processes
  • Make the organization flexible to implement key changes

The most adequate processes for the application of this method are:


The Shared Services Center applied in an efficient way establishes a supplier / Client relation with the business units and uses performance indexes quantified to influence the behavior and to measure the results.

As a benefit, a complex portfolio of processes and relationships can be obtained, allowing the provision of services for the entire company with the lowest possible cost.