Performance Management

One of the main dilemmas in business management is to believe in the information that underlies the performance analysis and, consequently, the decision process.

From pointing to data processing to turning it into information, there are numerous possibilities for error. Poorly defined processes, poorly trained people, systems that are not spoken, countless spreadsheets, expensive solutions and inefficient, in short, a world of possibilities that can lead you to make mistaken decisions about mistaken truths. And if we look at the trends and challenges of today’s corporate context, the complexity of the problem increases even more. Diversity of products, channel and customer services, level of market demand, increased competition, increases in overhead, growing technological innovation, ever-increasing taxes and shrinking margins are examples of the challenges executives are having to deal with today, many Often with outdated costing systems and practices.

Vector, based on the experience of dozens of successful projects, has developed a methodology that brings together interventions in processes, systems integration, Change Management programs and strategic partners. This is the PERFORMANCE VECTOR SOLUTION – SPV, the most reliable tool to ensure reliability.