Financial Services


ÔÇťThe Brazilian insurance market goes through a strategic and promising period for its pretensions of future expansion. The insurance companies and other agents of this segment have never been, in their entire history, upon a regulatory and political-economical scenario so favorable to the free competition and new growth opportunities. The expansion of credit access and the resulting boom of the real estate segment, the slight increase in the income of the Brazilian worker and the assistance programs, the sales records of the automobile industry and the stable condition of the economy on its own are external elements not directly connected to the insurance environment which, by themselves, started to positively reflect in the results of the insurance companies.ÔÇŁ (Gazeta Mercantil)

Nowadays, the shot term challenge for insurance companies is to manage and optimize their KPIÔÇÖs. The rationalization of administrative processes and the risk mitigation allow this management.

Vector Consulting has experience, methodologies, tools and techniques focused in the financial area among which we can outline Insurance Companies, Banks and Private Welfare. Our advisors are highly qualified to develop several services aiming to generate value to your organization.

Vector Consulting uses various tools and solutions for the Financial sector, including:

  • Processes
  • Outsourcing
  • Structuring of Operations
  • Management of Operations
  • Development of Automation Tools ÔÇô Management Portal
  • Acquisition of Tools ÔÇô ERP/CRM
  • Information Management Systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Behavioral Change
  • I.T. Governance
  • Costs and Budget