Vector Consulting – advisory company formed by advisors proceeding and founders of Latamtec, one of the pioneer Brazilian advisory companies to provide solutions for Agrobusiness at the beginning of the 80’s.

Nowadays, more than one decade after, Vector Consulting has more than 150 projects executed in more than 80 Power Plants and Distilleries in Brazil and Latin America, fact that positions us as one of the best Management Advisory Companies in the World in this market segment.

We provide several services in this segment:

  • Front of Processes:
    • Detailed mapping of the current processes
    • Redesign and Adequacy of the Processes
    • Understanding of the adherence level of the Processes to Systems
  • Front of Information Technology:
    • Adequacy of the used Systems regarding processes
    • Installation and Management of Request for Proposal – RFP to hire Systems and Equipment aiming total adherence of the systems to the processes
    • T.I. Governance
  • Front of Management:
    • Increase of Productivity
    • Reduction of losses in the processes
    • Optimization of the use of resources
    • Cost Management
    • I.M.S. Development – (Information Management Systems)
  • Front of People / Behavioral Change:
    • Organizational Structuring
    • Examination of the Organizational Culture
    • Adequacy of Managerial Attitude
    • Diagnosis of the Organizational Atmosphere
    • Training of Skills