Vector is a Brazilian consultancy of Business Performance Management, with a history of more than 30 years of success.

We are a “Boutique Consulting”, we are focused on developing specific solutions, respecting the culture of the organization and the market context.

With the expertise of leveraging the efficient and long lasting results of organizations, through an Integrated Management System that works directly with processes, system and people. Our goal is to transform organizations and maximize value generation in a sustainable way.

To be a “Solution Boutique”, it is imperative to have a team of professionals up to the challenge. Vector constantly invests in the professional improvement of a team that is distinguished by the wide experience in business consulting services.

They are decades of experience and performance, we have passed the mark of 800 projects in practice and successful, always focused on developing the best products and solutions focused on innovation and transformation of your company.

The commitment to quality and the excellent results of our products is proven by our growing participation in the Brazilian market. We develop intelligent and effective products in Strategy and Business Model, Operational Efficiency, Management Solutions, Business Solutions, Performance Management. We have solutions for the most varied sectors, among them: Agribusiness, Transformation and Manufacturing, Financial Services and Retail.